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Extras and Support
extra and supports lively events

LIvely Events offers you the right tools and special effects to star your own event.


Various single-multi-shot fireworks, especially indoor fountains (fountains), outdoor fountains and whatever other fireworks you want. They are also available with remote control selection.

Εναέρια πυροτεχνήματα

Εναέρια πυροτεχνήματα

Fountains of indoor and outdoor flames. The effects created by the fountains are incomparable and make the difference at each event.

Children's fireworks are fireworks suitable for children, but adult supervision is necessary.

Bengali for all uses, such as sailing and daytime smoke suitable for impressive wedding entrances

Fireworks, fireworks are easy to use and offer a special glimpse at every social event such as marriage, baptism, parties, inaugurations, etc. Only vertical shots are launched.


Smokeless Ice Smoke Machine (Dance in the Clouds)

Dance in the clouds is a unique effect for your first dance (and not only), based on the use of dry ice.

This white cloud of dry ice rises up to your knees.

It does not hide or cover you so your photographer will have no problem. It does not stain the wedding dress, it takes about 4 minutes and leaves no residue.

It gives the feeling and the impression to everyone that you are actually dancing on the clouds.

ksiros pagos

Smoke machine

The Smoke Machine pulls out about 800m3 per minute, with special oil without smelling and bothering the attendees.


Snow machine

 The snow machine has a flow regulator and snow density.

 It is suitable for every business need, it can cover shooting distance of about 10 meters without air with very dense snowflakes.


Bubble machine

The bubble machine is remotely controlled and with the proper fluid produces bubbles non-stop.

 Flames are available in many types, remote, monochrome or four colors, with a flame of up to 5m and capable of continuous operation.


Flames engine

Flames are available in many types, remote, monochrome or four colors, with a flame of up to 5m and capable of continuous operation.


Illuminated balloon

Balloon lighted with 4 halogen bulbs 1000 watt, 2.5 meter balloon diameter. You can also put the initials of your name or your company logo.


Flying lanterns

Flying lanterns are made of biodegradable paper, non-flammable (not burning easily), equipped with a special mineral wax capable of holding the lantern in flight for 10 minutes under good weather conditions.


Machine that through rose petals

Confederate or sequestered, sequential, single shot, or repeatable, remote control handhelds & machines.


Plexiglass or wooden leash podiums that provide functionality and comfort to their users.

We have analogues of speakers that serve all the circumstances and tie up with every professional space. If you need something very discreet and simple you can choose the transparent plexiglass speaker speaker.

For more formal occasions, we recommend the VEGA display with built-in conference card display featuring two quality microphones (main and backup) in its special slots and LED reading light.

pista xorou

Dance floor

Our company provides parquet dance courses with special wooden and non-slip surface, high strength for indoor and outdoor use.

Dimensions are (5x5) (5x6) (6x6).


Event venue

Surroundings of height and shape with non-slip floor, climbing stairs with a railing  , and a black or white cloth rim on the perimeter, ensure the end result that will stand out for its stylish look.



 Trace is metallic triangular or square and is supported by a heavy duty tripod. Suitable for decoration, PAR  headlamp support and moving robotic heads and for any kind of indoor or outdoor application.

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