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Wedding procedure

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The process of planning a wedding event in 3 easy steps

First of all congratulations!

The wedding day should be the most important day of any couple's life and something you should enjoy, so do not let the planning worry you, but you should be able to enjoy the trip as well as the day, so we are here to make the planning as painless and smooth as possible.

Step 1 - The meeting

  • Meetting with the couple at our place or at your place to inform you  for the venue that will be the party-reception will be held and the music preferences of the evening.

  • Suggestions to the couple about the audio coverage of the wedding depending on the number of guests.

  • Proposals to the couple for lighting and wedding effects such as smoke, aerial fireworks, indoor and outdoor fountains, etc.

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Step 2 – Preparation before the Wedding

  • Choosing the right wedding DJ   to ideally cover the party-reception

  • Music propositions of the DJ   to the couple.

  • Create Playlist related to the guests' fun.

Step 3 - Preparing for the Wedding Day

  • Your wedding is one of the most important moments of your life and everything should be perfect!

  • Our company is in the place of the event very early for the appropriate preparation.

  • The sound coverage of the reception is done with speakers that deliver quality and intensity.

  • Preparing lighting (entrance, cake, 1st dance and party).

  • Preparation of wedding effects such as smoke, aerial fireworks, indoor and outdoor fountains, etc. (at the entrance of the couple at the reception area and the 1st dance).

  • Preparation is completed at least 1 hour before the wedding mystery and we are now waiting for you and your guests to take off the party-reception

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