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Light-emitting and all kinds of lighting are of the latest technology, they create a suitable atmosphere and gives another dimension to your space. Our company creates impressive light shows with lighting experts that could upgrade each event (wedding party and events).

Light-emitting for Wedding

The possibilities for lighting coverage in a wedding are endless with a nice aesthetic that does not resemble like carnival. Moving robotic heads, combined with Uplight, and the choice of your favorite colors can transform any space into the ultimate club. It is handled by lighting specials.

They are recommended indoors or outdoors.

• Robotic heads (spot, wash, beam)

• Par

• Laser Lights

• Architectural lighting

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Lighting for party

Do you want to give a special character to the party you are organizing?

 In the Lighting for Party category, you will find a wide variety of light-emitting diodes, lighting effects, laser, robotic heads, disco balls and many more to cover a wide range of events. All stage lights that you will meet in this category feature DMX for DMX console control but also stand-alone operation and music control with built-in microphone for simpler applications (if you do not want to use a console ).

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