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Audiovisual Conference

After the sound and lighting, the image is a suggestion that could enhance your event. Our company can offer complete solutions for technical coverage of events by providing modern audiovisual equipment as well as specialized human resources for the operation and support of the services provided.


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Lively Events has:

• Led Tv's

• Projectors

• Front and Rear View Monitors

• Led and Plasma Wall

• Video Mixer

• Live event broadcast with cameras.

• Image Mixers

• Dvd Players

Led tv's

Our company has Full HD 1080p HD Full HD LEDs with HDMI inputs and built-in USB media player to play video from USB Stick. A special base with uprights or its factory base is also provided for its fastening.


The projector is the ideal solution for viewing in meeting rooms and gives an excellent image to a 4m wide open cloth. It has all the necessary connectors for connecting to DVD, media players, laptop and desktop computers and is very simple to use. With the rotary rings on the side you can adjust the focus of the lens and the size of the zoom


  1. PROJECTION SCREEN Tripod Screen with adjustable viewing height, viewing image size and viewing angle, up to 2.5m x 2.5m.

  2. PROJECTION SCREEN Front and Rear projection screen with adjustable projection height up to 4m x 3m.

Led Wall

The Led Wall consists of an array of special monitors that create a common image. In this set, each monitor undertakes to project a defined "quadrant" of the image that will be the continuation of the image of adjacent screens. It is used systematically in exhibitions and events worldwide and is undoubtedly an extremely powerful tool for displaying your corporate identity because it is impressive as many times as you can see it.

Seminar Tables

Flip charts specifically for the presentation of educational and informational material for corporate and conference use.

Table dimensions 70 X 100 cm

  • Dual use with recording directly on the surface with a marker and sponge or a special block that fits over the top.

  • Adjustable height

  • Available with sponge and black and red marker.

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